Saturday, January 31, 2015

Airline Lounge in Manila

The Singapore Airlines lounge in Manila is still under renovation since it moved into Terminsl 3 last year. 

This cup arrangement was seen in the lounge.

In a 4-cup high arrangement, the base is 3 x 5 cups. How many cups are there in a 5-cup high arrangement?

Location | Manila International Airport

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Art in London

This is extracted from A View from Iden (1929) by Paul Nash. 

This painting has several elements that suggest all was not well with repainted. Noticed the shadow of the pile of wood hunch represents fallen humanity.

The pile has 25 pieces in the bottom row and it is stacked up 15 rows tall. 

How many pieces should there be in the top row if each row has one fewer than the row just below it?

When the number of pieces of wood in each pile is one less than the number of pieces of wood in the row just below it, how many pieces should there be in the pile in the painting?

Location | Tate Britain in London

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Crocodiles in Davao

At D'Bone Museum, you will see bones and fossils of a lot of animals, many native to Davao. This crocodile's head is displayed with the number of teeth (3600) it shed by the time it was 14 years old, according to the guide.

Each of crocodile's 80 teeth is replaced 50 times during its life span which is about 35 to 70 years, according to Wikipedia.

Using these two pieces of information, what can you say about the rate of teeth replacement in a crocodile as it grows older? Check on the internet if your conclusion based on the given information is true or otherwise.

Location | Davao, The Philippines

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Statues in Siem Reap

When I visited Wat Bo, these statues were still being put in place. They lined a path that is made up of two straight sections joined by a little curve. The path leads to a Buddhist cemetery. 

Each statue stands on a 40-cm long base and the distance between adjacent statues is 80 cm. the path comprises two straight sections. The first section comprises 28 statues (in pairs) and the second section comprises 54 statues (also in pairs). Find the length of each of the two straight sections, giving your estimate to the nearest meter.

Location | Siem Reap, Cambodia