Monday, March 9, 2015

Waterfront in Alexandria

Each of these poles has a diameter of 2 units and the distance between successive poles is 15 units. There are 8 poles. How long is the platform?

If the platform is 150 units long, and the same poles are used, what should the distance between two successive poles be if it has to be beyween 10 units and 15 units and the distance between poles must always be equal?

Location | Marina at Waterfront in Alexandria VA

Tomatoes in Stamford

Did you know that President Jefferson introduced tomatoes to Americans. It was previously thought to be poisonous. In this supermarket in Stamford CT, I saw these rather large tomatoes. Each pound costs $2.49. How many tomatoes weigh a pound? How much does a bag of 3 lbs tomatoes cost?

Based in Stamford, I travelled to the towns where I presented - Weston, Bedford, and Danbury and Greenwich and Westport the following week. 

Location | Stop & Shop, Stamford CT