Saturday, February 28, 2015

Juice in Frankfurt (Transit)

Estimate the percentage, to the nearest percent, of the different fruits in each of the three smoothie (purple, pink and yellow) where the relative amount of the different fruits is shown.

Location | Frankfurt International Airport 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blessings in Penang

In this Thai temple in Penang, locals like to light a candle for blessings.

Each of thaws long table hold 102 rows of candles with 11 candles in each row. How many candles can each table hold?

The candles are in the shape of pineapple because the name of the fruit is homonym to the phrase 'luck comes' in Hokkien, the local dialect.

Location | Wat Buppharam in Penang

Congkak in Cebu

At the start of a game of congkak (the Filipino name) is the same as the Malay name) - congkak mean mental calculation - there are seven seeds in each hole. The game is played by putting a seed in each hole including your home which is the big hole to your left. The best strategy involves ending with the last seed in your home. This allows you to select any hole on your side to start. 

By naming the hole 1 for the first from your home, which hole must 21 seeds be for you to have the last seed in your home?

Location | An old family home from 1675 in Cebu 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hero in Jakarta

Apples at IDR257,950 per box in a local grocery store in Jakarta. Find the total amount paid for 4 of these boxes. How many apples are there in these 4 boxes? 

Mrs Ratna wanted to repackage these into bags of 4 apples as gifts for relatives. How many bags can she get from 4 boxes?

As the Chinese in Jakarta prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year, stores in the Chinese area are filled with red-colored goodies. To think that celebrating the lunar new year was not allowed not too long ago, Indonesia seems to have changed somewhat in the last few decades. 

Location | Ciputra Mall in Jakarta